24 June 2013

Real-time Translation Technology Today

When moving to a new country one of the major issues faced by expats is adjusting to language barriers. While learning a new language is the best way to overcome these barriers, it takes time and a lot of practice. However with new advancements in real-time translation technology, it might […] Read more

7 June 2013

Expat Dating 101: How to Make it Work

Living and working abroad is an exciting new experience and if you are single, you may be looking for that special someone to share it with. Although we all deep down want to have a Hollywood-esque meeting where you find your dream partner by random chance or happy coincidence... […] Read more

29 May 2013

Dos and Don’ts for Travelling with Children

Travelling with young children can be a very frustrating experience that can often add to the stress of moving to another country. However it is an unavoidable fact of life for most expat families. Children can be unpredictable and although you may not be able to be fully prepared […] Read more

17 May 2013

Fighting Jet Lag

Jet lag... the dreaded effect of crossing multiple time zones and being on long flights. Most expats will suffer from jet lag at some point during their travels and adjusting to new time zones is not easy. You may be familiar with symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, dehydration, […] Read more

10 May 2013

Enjoy Your Expat Garden

It’s spring time in the northern hemisphere and what better way to spruce up your home than with a few plants! As an expat you might think it is too hard to maintain a garden with your space restrictions, travel commitments or busy schedules. However if you have a bit of a […] Read more

2 May 2013

Smartwatches for Expats: How it can ease a challenging daily life

Traditional watches slowly faded into the background with people beginning to use their phones as the prime method of telling the time. But the wristwatch could be making a comeback in the form of ‘smartwatches’. Smartwatches are wearable computing devices that do much […] Read more

18 April 2013

Alcohol Consumption in Southeast Asia

For expats that come from a Western background, you probably come from a culture where alcohol consumption is a pretty common social affair. Usually these drinking habits will stay with you as you move overseas, but you might face major culture shock when you arrive somewhere […] Read more

11 April 2013

Top 5 Health Apps for Expats

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy, but some of us need more encouragement to remain on top of health and fitness regimes especially if you are constantly on the move or recently relocated overseas. Now your phone can give you that extra push you need to keep on track […] Read more

2 April 2013

The Future of Tracking Technology for Your Move

Moving and keeping track of your belongings is always difficult especially during an international relocation. If you are not careful about how you have organised your stuff when packing them, then unpacking can become a nightmare. There is nothing more frustrating than needing or […] Read more

26 March 2013

Augmented Reality for Expats in 2013

Wearing a pair of augmented reality glasses and wearing computing devices for fashion may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie but it’s closer than you think! Google have released specific details about their ambitious Google Glass project aiming to have a fully refined […] Read more