21 July 2015

The World’s Best Post Breakup Places

It sure sucks to be in a situation bordering on depression and a seemingly painful void in our lives. You would think no one in the world should feel what you feel. You can’t think straight, you can’t sleep even when you have been exhausted just crying your heart out and worse, […] Read more

16 July 2015

The Cutest and Tiniest Hotels in the World

When travelling, most of us look for luxurious, comfortable and spacious hotels and accommodations. However, you might want to experience hotels that have small spaces but cute features. These incredibly tiny hotels give every expat another perspective in choosing accommodations whe […] Read more

14 July 2015

The Creepiest Places on the Planet

There exist some places that are considered scary, and just a glance at its photograph gives you the creeps and the chills start running down your spine. However, the creepiness of the place is not just the physical aspect of it – most of these places do have very real history behind […] Read more

9 July 2015

Useful Skills Expats Need Abroad

It is our human nature to feel estranged when we go to a new place or restaurant let alone move to a new country and interact with people who may not understand our native language. For some, the moving phase is always the hardest part of being expats as it involves many physical, mental, […] Read more

7 July 2015

Widely Used Languages Around the World

As of the present time, there are 6912 languages that exist in the world, and 516 of them are nearly extinct. If you are an expat, then you need to know at least some basic facts about these most widely used languages around the world. Mandarin Photo: Kevi […] Read more

2 July 2015

Most Unusual Wedding Venues in the World

During this magical wedding month of June, various matrimonial ceremonies happen in different places – romantic getaways, high end, beach and tropical vacations, regal themes, fairytale weddings and, of course, the traditional ones. But then, some couples opt to take […] Read more

30 June 2015

Must-taste Traditional Food Around The World

A country’s cultural uniqueness always includes the food that the locals consume every day. The way to prepare these foods may range from simple to sophisticated methods yet the taste is a reflection of the country’s sacred traditions. Here are some must-taste traditional food […] Read more

25 June 2015

Top Wedding Spots in the World

Weddings are the most exciting and at the same time romantic event that gets everyone looking forward to it. Many expat brides and grooms spare no expense in making sure that they get to have the perfect wedding. In planning the perfect wedding, the first thing you will need to consider i […] Read more

23 June 2015

How to Dress Like a Local in Famous Tourist Destinations

Whenever abroad, you would always want to blend in and not stand out in famous destinations where everyone seems to be seeing strangers of exotic looks and attires. However, it is a given challenge that you may not have the slightest inch of an idea of what to wear where and when. With the […] Read more

18 June 2015

Dances to Learn When Travelling Around the World

Dancing is always the most sociable way of welcoming, celebrating, praising, worshipping, and even mourning. There are many reasons and ways people from different places dance and the manner of which they move to a tune is very important. That is why when you are a foreigner in a foreig […] Read more