9 November 2016

6 Steps to Start Your Expat Life

Thinking of starting a life abroad? The idea seems simple and intimidating at the same time. Yes, you have got the air tickets. Passport, wallet and mobile phone – checked. Yourself – checked. Ready to go..? Not quite. As much as most of us like to think we are that spontaneous to uproot […] Read more

4 September 2014

The World's Best Places for Expat Pets

For some expats, pets are always factored into the decision when it comes to moving or relocating, they are part of the family, so they shouldn’t get left behind. Though relocating with your pets is never as simple as just buying them a plane ticket, there are some places in the world […] Read more

28 August 2014

Top 10 Countries for Expat Retirement

As an expat, when it comes to choosing a country for retirement, some countries are more suited than others, and while these countries are great in terms of the basic criteria for choosing a country for expat retirement like easy setup for QROPS, a low cost of living and a safe environment, […] Read more

2 April 2013

The Future of Tracking Technology for Your Move

Moving and keeping track of your belongings is always difficult especially during an international relocation. If you are not careful about how you have organised your stuff when packing them, then unpacking can become a nightmare. There is nothing more frustrating than needing or […] Read more