11 September 2014

FIBA World Cup: Expats in the World of Basketball

The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014 is almost at a close, and we would love to share a few highlights of this year’s basketball world cup, in light of its most famous teams and expat players. Much like FIFA, FIBA is a melting pot of global expats gathered together to […] Read more

21 November 2013

High Profile Expat Success Stories: Sports

Following our High Profile Expat Success Stories, we now bring you the athletes. A sports career is very competitive and limited. There are only a few years for an athlete to make the most of his prime in sports and this means going the distance when it comes to training and chasing […] Read more

27 August 2013

Best Ways To Support Your Country’s Team While Living Abroad

“There is no stopping a sports fan from following his team” in some cases though, following your team is harder than usual. There is a bit of awkwardness in supporting your team while living abroad, especially if your team is a fierce rival of the country where […] Read more