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In education in Bolivia elementary education as mandated by law is free. Twenty-three private universities can be found in the country. The largest of which is the Universidad de San Andres that is located in the city of La Paz. Another university which is one of the oldest in South America is the Universidad de San Francisco Xavier that is situated in Sucre. Education in Bolivia can easily be obtained. The prime net enrolment rate in the country is ninety-seven percent and ninety-five percent of children from the age of 7 up to 14 are currently enrolled in schools. This puts the country on equal footing with more affluent neighbours like Peru & Brazil.

International School Advisory in Bolivia

Bolivia is a wonderful place for young expat families. If you need help looking for a suitable school for your children, contact an expert today. These specialists can guide you through public and private education abroad.

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Bolivia has a selection of first-rate schools for expat children. There are American, British and IB schools across the country. Browse our comprehensive list and make an informed choice.

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