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The need for insurance services for expats living abroad is usually ignored due to a lot of general misconceptions about insurance and the service it provides. Bolivia is not exactly the most developed country in South America, therefore the need for insurance for health and protection is higher. There are many benefits and services insurance policies can provide especially for expats abroad that most people don’t know about. You can get services that can be costly such as regular check-ups or maternity care included in your policy. You can get investments, roadside assistance, and even retirement plans from your insurance, but most of all, it gives you a sense of security and peace of mind while you’re living abroad.

Getting Insurance

The local insurance industry in Bolivia is relatively small at the moment, so locals and foreigners prefer to get international insurance in the country. Several international insurance providers and brokers offer services for expats in Bolivia. The international insurance broker, Mercer offers health insurance plans for expats in the country. Other international insurance companies with services in Bolivia include AXA International, MSH International and April International.

To get general, health, and life insurance plans, it’s advisable to set things up before you move to Bolivia. You can get insurance quotes from company websites, emails, or calling their offices.

Always check with your HR department what are the benefits that will be included in your expat package, if any. It is important to note that the international health insurance can come as an add-on should you believe the coverage is not comprehensive enough.


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Importance of Insurance

When you move abroad, the necessity for insurance, especially for health and protection, is the same as at your home country and even higher due to some particular reasons : geographical coverage, portability etc... You have to consider more things other than just the cost of getting insurance, but also the accessibility of services when you’re living overseas. In a country like Bolivia, emergency services can be both costly and sometimes inefficient. You can be caught in so many hassles just to get one thing done, but with an insurance plan ready, you can have a better sense of security for yourself, and you’re family.

Aside from the safety net that insurance policies provide, insurance plans especially customised expat insurance policies also include services that would be expensive or hard to get when you’re living in Bolivia. International insurance plans can offer you services such as repatriation and medical evacuation, life insurance investments, roadside service memberships, and much more.

Local Insurance in Bolivia

The public social service and healthcare system in Bolivia is currently in the midst of reform, so locals and foreigners in the country opt to get private insurance for general, medical, and life insurance policies. Ask your human resources department or your destination service provider for more information.

The local private insurance industry in the country is still quite small, so it’s best for expats in Bolivia to get international insurance plans instead. If you prefer to get local insurance, however, make sure that the company is financially stable and has a reputable name.



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