Property Insurance in Bolivia

Property insurance in Bolivia is one of the protections being provided by a new scheme being proposed to small time farmers. This covers farming tools and implements that are stolen or a storage building that has a leak that could damage crops that are being stored. The scheme has the support of the International Labor Organization (ILO). Property insurance in Bolivia is vital to expats who own a property in the country. There are 3 kinds of insurance coverage. Replacement cost coverage replaces lost property without regard for depreciation or appreciation. Actual cash value replaces but less depreciation. Extended replacement cost pays even if construction costs have risen.

Clements Property insurance is a leading property insurance provider in Bolivia. It boasts of decades of experience and know-how, guaranteeing its expats in Bolivia and in other countries unquestionable and unmatchable delivery and service. It is an established institution that has thrived because it understands the needs of its clients, property security included.

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