Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Bolivia

Travel insurance multi trip in Bolivia is an option for travelers who visit the country a number of times in a year. Whether they are an architect who has a building project or a businessman who have dealings there, this option allows them to save on the cost of renewing their policy. Travel insurance multi trip in Bolivia is advisable for expats who visit three or more times in one year. Whether traveling alone or with your mate, annual cover is the cheapest alternative. But if you are traveling with a group or along with the whole family, use the group travel or family cover policies.


One insurer that stands out in Bolivia's expat community is International Medical Group. At the core of IMG’s success in providing multi-trip travel plans are its international service centers, which ensure availability 24/7 and across geographical boundaries. From its global offices, IMG provides support, claims administration, and emergency assistance to worldwide travelers.

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A lot can happen on an overseas trip, making insurance is a wise investment. In Bolivia, Atlas Professional from MultiNational Underwriters provides premiere multi-trip coverage plans that protect frequent travelers and even offers significant savings with a single policy paid for multiple trips. Those who are younger than 66 are qualified for Atlas Professional, including spouses who are also younger than 66, and children not younger than 14 days and not older than 19 years of age, provided everyone has an existing medical coverage back home.

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