Current Account in Bolivia

Current accounts in Bolivia are the customary choice of expatriates who have loved ones or assets and properties that can be managed from their home countries efficiently. An international account can be accessed anyplace in the civilized world by the expat or the recipient of the money and in multiple currencies, too. Opening a current account in Bolivia is very easy. Two or more people can set up an account together which is called a joint account. Money can be deposited in coins and notes at a branch or it can be wired from another country or sent by post thru a check.

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Day-to-day cash management in different currencies around the world.
As an expatriate you benefit from our preferential fee structure “Expat Investors”:

  • No transfer fees for bank transactions
  • Reimbursement of transfer fees charged by your bank
  • Reduced foreign exchange fees
  • 50 % discount on the annual account management fees
  • 50% discount on the annual fees for an international bank card (Visa, Mastercard)

Minimum requirement
EUR 50,000
Payment methods
International debit and credit card, deferred debit cards available
Multi currency account
26 currencies: euro, US dollar, pound sterling, Swiss franc, Singapore dollar, Hong Kong dollar, etc.
Phone Internet