QROPS in Bolivia

The mainstay of the Bolivian economy has traditionally been export revenues of coca, which is used in the production of the drug cocaine. However other exports are significant such as cotton, sugar, corn, coffee, potatoes and soybean, and fisheries and mining are also major sectors. The monetary currency that has been used officially in Bolivia ever since the year 1987 has been the Boliviano, which is divided up into a hundred smaller units known as centavos.

UK expats in Bolivia may transfer their personal and occupational pensions to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS). Windsor Pensions represents several QROPS solutions that have different features and rules. These EU-based QROPS products invest in cash deposits, stocks, bonds, life insurance policies and trusts.

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A deep understanding of UK law is necessary to fully take advantage out of a QROPS investment. The expat in Bolivia, or in another country, cannot simply venture into uncharted seas without the proper navigation. And this is where Gower Pensions Management comes in. Experts in pensions management, they provide the expat the necessary guidance and information to make informed decisions.

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A good pension manager just might be all that’s needed to make one of the most promising investments work. Gerrards International just might be that resource, as their QROPS-holding expat clients in Bolivia can attest to. This global firm caters to the specific needs of their clients, providing consistent quality service and in-depth knowledge of the QROPS solutions at all times.

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