Tax Advisory in Bolivia

Expat tax in Bolivia is very minimal and can be considered non-existent. There are no taxes being accorded to income, profits, or dividends. Added to this list are withholding tax, sales tax, and capital gains tax. On the other hand, they are obligated to pay taxes in their countries of origin especially the Americans. There is not one expat tax in Bolivia that is based on income or profits. Yet if you are a US citizen you are obligated to pay taxes on properties outside the USA. If you are a green card holder paying your taxes is equivalent to a certificate of good moral character to immigration officers.

Expat taxation is a tricky matter simply because some countries oblige their nationals to keep paying taxes even after international relocation. To put things in order, UK-based taxation expert Andrew Baker offers his 35-year expertise to expats in Bolivia and everywhere in the globe.

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Expats, whether to Bolivia or elsewhere in the world, naturally have a lot of things to worry about and consider. Tax Advisory Expatriates knows that tax liabilities are somewhere in the top of their list and would like to be able to help. As a global advisory firm with established experience in tax management, Tax Advisory Expatriates provides top-class advice that is sure to address the specific concerns and questions of their hardworking clients.

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