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The government of Brazil provides for a free public education, and schooling is mandatory for all children. However, in practice, education remains a major problem for Brazil. There is a high level of literacy in Portuguese among the public and enrolment rates have reached a high level, but the system continues to have problems with achieving international standards and issues with the localized structure of operating within vague Federal guidelines.


Wealthier Brazilians will commonly send their children to attend one of the nation's many private schools. Preschool is optional for children of ages 2 to 6, followed by 9 years of required primary school. There are two types of preschools in the Brazilian public system, called 'maternals', which is basic day care, and jardimes for the early learners. In the first few years of primary school, young Brazilians learn History, Geography, Portuguese, Science, Maths, and Physical Education. Foreign languages, usually Spanish and English, are also studied in the later years.


High school makes up the last four years of required education, from age 15 to 18 in Brazil. The students then learn about subjects such as Philosophy, Sociology, Biology and Chemistry. There are even public universities which are free for people living in Brazil.

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