Activities for Kids in Brazil



Children moving to Brazil should look forward to plenty of sports and recreational activities. The number one sport in the country is football, which children can start learning in their backyard and schools.

Expat parents who are bringing their children with them as they move to Brazil will be glad to find a number of activities that cater to children. Aside from football, other popular Brazilian pastimes include tag games also known as Queimada, jump rope, card games and checkers.

Sports activities

Volleyball is also one of the most popular sports in the country. Ever since Brazil became an important player in this sport in the Olympics, more and more children started learning. Brazil was the reigning World Champion in the Men's division and the 1st Runner-up in the Women's group in the 2006 FIVB World Cup.

Children can also enjoy visiting theme parks, science museums and zoos, especially in Sao Paulo. Beaches are plentiful in Brazil and children love playing and running along the beautiful shorelines of the country. Wet 'n'Wild, a popular waterpark in the United States, is also making a big splash of fun in Brazil.

There are plenty of schools for children in Brazil. The state runs most of the primary and secondary schools. However, there are also numerous independent or private schools that parents can choose. The academic year starts in February and ends in December.

International Schools in Brazil include Associação Escola Americana de Brasilia, Brazilian Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro, Escola Maria Imaculada, Pan American Christian Academy, St. Francis College and the British School, Rio de Janeiro.


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