Allergies in Brazil



Chances are you are aware of what triggers your allergies. However, it is important to note that the act of moving overseas to Brazil can bring along a host of new allergens to which you should be aware.

Expats who are relocating to Brazil can come into contact with new allergens in several ways. It may involve a savoury Brazilian dish, as Brazilian cuisine is characterised by local root crops and peanuts that are plentiful in the region. Expats with nut related allergies will need to be wary of what they eat overseas, as one widely known allergen is the Brazil nut, an edible nut that many Brazilian dishes contain as a substitute for coconut oil because of its high-fat content.

Common allergies

As coming into contact with these foods is inevitable, expatriates with known allergies are advised to stock up on anti-allergy medicines or consult with their provider of private health insurance in Brazil as to any vaccines that can help avoid allergic reactions.

The adventurous expat may also need to be ready for a host of other allergens in Brazil, especially if one aims to visit or live in or near the country's forested areas. Plants are not the only source of allergies in Brazil, its teeming wildlife is also potential allergens. People who are especially allergic to insect bites or stings are at a higher risk of allergic reactions to these tend to be more severe.

Your international health insurance in Brazil should include coverage for these kinds of cases, but it is advisable to check beforehand with a local healthcare provider to ensure that you can get the necessary treatment and medications without any hassle.