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With beautiful forests, awesome beaches, and a fascinating culture, a move to Brazil is the beginning of a great adventure. But one must remember that no adventure is without the risk of emergency.

Medical emergencies do happen, often when they are least expected. If you should encounter a situation in which you need assistance, you may call 192 to get ambulance and paramedic services. Researching the emergency hotline for hospitals in cities you will be visiting would also help in getting emergency assistance faster.

Emergency assistance

In Brasilia, for example, the nation's capital city, one frequented hospital is Santa Lucia, where the number of the Emergency Room is 061/345-9260. Having a list of the nearest hospitals or medical facilities in your location would be handy in medical emergencies. Sometimes, ambulances coming from public hospitals take quite a long time to get to you. If you have private health insurance in Brazil and emergency services are covered, you may also call private ambulance providers like Vida Ambulance in Brasilia (3248-3030).

Should you feel that your safety is threatened, or you are in need of police assistance, you may dial 190. Tourists and expatriates alike may also contact the Tourist Police in their respective cities for further assistance.


Rio de Janeiro's Tourist Police, for example, has a 24-hour contact line. They can be reached through 021/3399-7170. In cases of fire, you may also dial 192 to enlist the assistance of firefighters nearest to the area. When reporting a crime in Sao Paulo, expats can file a report online with a B.E.O (Boletim Eletrônico de Ocorrência) by accessing the Secretaria da Seguranca Publica website.

Note that for emergency numbers 190 and 192, you will be connected to an English-speaking operator. However, since English is not a language widely used in Brazil, you may encounter difficulty in relaying your message. Knowing some key Brazilian phrases may come in handy in the event of one of these situations.


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