Essential Employment Paperwork in Brazil



Any foreign national who aims at getting employed in Brazil is required to apply for a work visa and permit. To obtain those, expats must first secure a job offer from a Brazilian company or foreign company based in Brazil.

Any foreigner looking to work in Brazil should have either Brazilian residency or a work visa. Securing a job offer from a Brazilian employer/sponsor will make the application for a Temporary V General Work Permit easier. The application must be made at the Brazilian Consulate/Embassy of the expatriate’s home country. In most cases, the application process takes about two to three months, so it is important to plan promptly. Expats must also register at the Federal Police near the area of their residence within 30 days of arrival in the country.

Work Permit

It is the job of the Brazilian employer to apply for his/her work permit. Keep in mind that all paperwork to be submitted when applying for a work permit should be certified and translated in Portuguese. All approved requests will be conveyed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who will notify the Brazilian Embassy/Consulate in the foreign assignee’s home country so that he/she can continue with the visa application process.

Types of Work Visa

Issuance of a work visa will depend on the expatriate’s type of work or activity while in Brazil. Various types of jobs and qualifications require different visas which can be categorised into two:

Visto Temporario V (Temporary Work Visa)

This type of visa has an initial validity of two years and is the most commonly issued to foreign assignees. Holders of the temporary work visa can request for an extension of another two years no more than 30 days before the date of expiry. After the four year period lapses, the employer can already apply for a permanent resident visa on behalf of their expatriate employee. Keep in mind though that the temporary work visa prohibits its holder to switch employers in Brazil without permission.

Visto Permanente (Permanent Work Visa)

The permanent work visa is typically issued to expats who are deemed qualified to gain permanent residency in Brazil. It usually applies to scientists or professional researchers who have activities in the country exceed a period of two years. Managers, directors, and investors whose total investment exceeds USD 50,000 (for natural persons) or USD 200,000 (for companies) are also eligible for the permanent work visa.


It is important that expats bring all the required paperwork during the application process to avoid any delays. Some of the relevant documents that should be submitted are:

  • Duly signed Pedido de Visto (application form)
  • At least two passport-sized photos
  • Original and one copy of a police statement showing no criminal records (not older than three months)
  • Work Permit
  • Educational credentials
  • Work portfolio/certifications
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of stay in Brazil
  • Medical examination (upon request)