Guide to Dental Care in Brazil



Expats who need quality dental care in Brazil will be glad to hear that the country has built a reputation for having excellent services in the field of dental health.

Medical Tourism is a fast emerging trend, and Brazil is now part of the global competition when it comes to dental healthcare services. Many tourists come to Brazil for dental surgeries or implants, which are cheaper in comparison to other countries such as the United States.

Oral health policy

In 2004, the government launched the Smiling Brazil program, also known as the Brazilian Oral Health Policy. With citizen participation, the program aims to improve Brazilians' oral health care.

Employees in Brazil are granted both medical and dental benefits that include consultations, treatment and medicines. International health insurance, which usually includes dental health, is a major part of the employment package offered to expatriates.

Expats who don’t have dental insurance will find that Brazil has many competent dentists that offer their services for very reasonable rates. In Sao Paulo, many dental clinics are located near the Ana Rosa Metro Station. For a list of English-speaking dentists, expats can look at websites such as WhatClinic to find dental practitioners.


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