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Getting the right protection for your loved ones is not a luxury. It’s a necessity regardless of the expat package you are on and place of residence. The need for insurance coverage is even more compelling if you’re living abroad, away from family and friends.

Many countries, including Brazil, provide emergency social services to expats under certain conditions. However, it’s still advisable for you to secure a private insurance. Let us walk you through the essentials of insurance plans in Brazil. An insurance can provide cover for lost income due to death of the head of a family, sickness or accident. Getting sick can easily ruin your budget and threaten you to bankruptcy. Although you’re free to use public health facilities in Brazil, these may not be adequate.

An international private medical insurance give you access to the best hospitals and clinics in Brazil. There’s no need to wait in line for a doctor’s appointment or surgical services as these are available to you whenever the need arises. This insurance protection may include evacuation and repatriation service, multilingual customer support and travel insurance coverage.

For annual premium within your budget, you can attain peace of mind while living abroad.

Getting Insurance

Brazil’s insurance industry is dominated by 10 insurance groups that represent about 85% of direct premiums. VGBL, an individual incentivized pension and savings product, accounts for 37% of premiums, followed auto insurance (20%), life and accident insurance (15%), health insurance (14%) and property insurance (7%).

The government-sponsored Unified Health System (Sistema Único de Saúde/SUS) provides ambulatory and certain surgical services to expats in Brazil. However, most foreign residents prefer to get private coverage. Most public hospitals in Brazil don’t have English-speaking doctor and staff, posing a problem for expats. You should also be aware of the long waiting lists for medical services, insufficient beds and shortage of medical practitioners. If you can afford it, opt for a private health insurance plan as many Brazilians do.

If you’re under an employment contract, general, health, and life insurance is likely included in your compensation package. Otherwise, you can contact local insurance brokers such as Porto Seguro or international insurance providers such as ACE Group, Lloyd’s, and Pacific Prime. These entities may also assist you in getting life and non-life insurance plans for property, auto and travel protection.


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Local Insurance

Expats in Brazil have a wide range of choices when it comes to international private medical insurance. You can purchase a health plan or insurance on your own if one in not provided for by your employer. There is a wealth of information online and via the Agéncia Nacional de Saúde Suplementar (ANS), the regulator on health plans under the Ministry of Health. 

A plan typically provides protection to certain cities and regions only. It’s recommended that you purchase an insurance which is valid anywhere in the country. In remote places where there are only public hospitals, you can use your entitlement to the public health insurance system.

Seek professional assistance from an international insurance broker or provider to get the suitable protection during your stay in Brazil.



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