Pet Import Regulations in Brazil



Relocating several species of pet to Brazil is a breeze as pet travel laws in the country allow the bringing of dogs and cats for non-commercial purposes. However, all other animal species do require an import permit from the Ministry in Brazil.

Relocation requirements

Expats who are planning to travel with their pets to Brazil will need to comply with the country’s requirements for non-commercial cats and dogs that are to be brought to Brazil. These requirements include: an International Health Certificate secured ten days before the scheduled takeoff and a rabies certification valid for one year. Pertinent documents bearing the animal's identity that include its name, gender, breed, colour and any other specific characteristics should be presented along with copies of all relevant documents required for animals imported as cargo.

Non-compliance with these requirements can result to the forbiddance of entry for the animal. Please take note that no quarantine services for animals are available. Plan ahead for your trip and be sure to have with you the essentials for your pets, such as dog carrier and lock, leash, water dispenser, blanket and toys if necessary. It is also a good idea to look for pet relocation services in Brazil which can provide assistance in the relocation process if needed.


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