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There are plenty of available housing options in Brazil, including rental accommodations. Rental rates, while often far more expensive in Brazil as compared to most other countries, are usually open for some small degree of negotiation. Rentals are also easily found through word of mouth, sign advertisements, newspapers, the internet, etc. Leases are normally offered for 30 months, or two and a half years, and a month's rent will probably be the required security deposit. Renters are required to show information such as proof of income, with their employers normally acting as guarantors. Utilities are usually not included and billed to the tenant separately.


In addition, when renting in Brazil, household insurance is required by law, this insurance can be arranged through an estate agent and various extended plans can cover a great deal of situations including burglary, but not plumbing. Housekeepers, nannies, drivers, etc. are very popular in Brazilian homes, including foreigners, as their services tend to be very affordable.


The Brazilian government supports and encourages foreign investors to purchase real estate in Brazil (for example, by granting complete purchase tax exemptions). Only Brazilian residents can buy rural land, or land bordering a neighbouring country, but anyone can purchase real estate elsewhere without residency restriction.

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