Expat Insurance Services in Brazil

Since 1998, Brazil's government has had public health insurance available. The SUS or Unified Health System provides free medical care at public hospitals for all persons legally residing in Brazil, however these hospitals provide relatively poorer quality healthcare in comparison to private hospitals, and the waiting lists are often long. For the 20% of the population who can afford it, there is also private health insurance covering stays at private hospitals with a much higher quality of service. This tends to be the more preferred choice for foreigners working in Brazil.


There are two types of private coverage offered: health plans and policies. Health insurance policies offer the patient the choice of a doctor or treatment facility anywhere in Brazil, while the cheaper health plans are tied to a certain location. Dental insurance coverage is a separate purchase, but Brazilian dental treatment is considered to be of the highest quality, and some even travel to Brazil from other countries specifically to receive dental treatment.


A foreign health insurance company that covers Brazil may also be used for private health expenses. Prescriptions are quite easy to fill as there is widespread laxity about purchasing prescription meds over the counter, however one should also check to ensure that they received the correct medicine, as attention to this can also be lax.

Health Insurance in Brazil

Brazil offers public health care to citizens and resident expats. Nevertheless, expats are advised to purchase additional health insurance coverage. This ensures priority service in hospitals and clinics across the country.

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Business Health Insurance in Brazil

Many employers hire expat workers in Brazil. Our comparative list of group insurance products provides information about top-notch health insurance plans. Ensure your employees’ health, ask for free quotes today!

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Life Insurance in Brazil

Are you considering Brazil as your next destination? It is important to have sufficient lift insurance coverage while living abroad. Check out our list of life insurance providers and compare their policies, rates and services.

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Car Insurance in Brazil

International car insurance helps expats protect their finances while living abroad. This insurance product covers physical damage, theft, primary auto liability and more. Know your options in Brazil by browsing our resources.

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Property Insurance in Brazil

It is recommended for expats moving to Brazil to secure comprehensive property insurance plans. This ensures the safety of items and valuables to be transported abroad. Speak with an insurance adviser for details.

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Home Insurance in Brazil

Compare home insurance solutions available in Brazil. Expats may browse our updated resources for information on insurers, insurance plans and premium rates. Get free expert advice and price quotes today!

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Single Trip Travel Insurance in Brazil

Brazil is a favourite tourist destination. Secure your stay in the county with a single-trip travel insurance. This serves as shield against unexpected medical expenses abroad including hospitalisation and evacuation.

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Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Brazil

Individuals taking multiple trips to Brazil are advised to purchase a multi-trip travel insurance. Aside from medical treatment and hospitalisation, this insurance also covers diagnostic testing, outpatient treatment and more.

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