Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Brazil

Travel insurance multi trip to Brazil is perfect for people who come in and out of Brazil multiple times a year, such as foreign businessmen looking around for new opportunities. Although Brazil’s foreign investments dropped 70% on the first half of 2011, muti trip insurance policies remain necessary for foreigners who continue to explore and believe in the possibilities in this South American country.


Covering expats in Brazil and around the globe with multi-trip travel insurance is International Medical Group. For over two decades, IMG has been steadfast in providing the international community the protection it needs, with an extra commitment from its service branch. This ensures that all company promises are fulfilled as they needed and expected.

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The benefits of global insurance are undeniable for people who travel abroad. Besides, the possibilities are infinite and insurance purchased back home will most likely be inadequate, if not totally useless. In Brazil, Atlas Professional from MultiNational Underwriters offers multi-trip coverage, a cheaper option in which one plan works for multiple trips within a one-year span. For every person, Atlas Professional's maximum limit is $1,000,000.

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