Expat Finance Services in Brazil

Currency in Brazil is the Real, and has been so since 1994 when the Real replaced and demonetized the cruzeiro real, which itself had not lasted long as currencies devalued. The 1994 Real was initially set to the value of one US Dollar. It actually gained on the US Dollar for the first two years thanks to a positive Brazilian economy, but eventually dropped down below 50 cents for years. Notes are issued in denominations of 5, 10, and 50 Reals, and since 2000, 2 Reals.


In 2001, 20 Real notes were introduced. The 1 Real note was discontinued in 2005, however 1 Real coins remain in production. There are two government owned banks in Brazil: the Caixa Economica Federal, and Banco de Brasil. There are several state owned banks as well, and several private banks, including major foreign banks. The state owned banks are expected to be privatised in the near future.


To open a bank account one generally needs only their ID, proof of address and income, but foreigners will also need to show their residency visa (temporary or permanent). ATM machines taking international debit and credit cards are widely accessible, with a withdrawal limit of 1000 Real a day. At least 1200 Real a month income is required to obtain a credit card from a bank.

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Currency Exchange in Brazil

Making payment or sending money offshore from Brazil is essentially a currency exchange transaction. To get the most attractive rates, review forex companies and make comparisons today.

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Current Account in Brazil

Current accounts made for Brazil's overseas residents are not the same as those intended for locals. If you have the wrong account as an expat, it's time to make it right. Search here for options!

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Offshore Savings in Brazil

Why open an ordinary savings account in Brazil when there's an offshore account patterned after your particular requirements as an expat? Begin comparing your options today!

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Expat Mortgages in Brazil

Expats are allowed to apply for an offshore mortgage in Brazil. So compare global mortgage specialists, make a free enquiry, and gather quotes for free now!

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Financial Advice in Brazil

As an expat in Brazil, your investment success can never be promised. But a risk profile assessment by a financial advisor can certainly boost your chances of attaining it.

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Expat Savings in Brazil

Brazil remains as the largest economy in South America. Expats in the vibrant country have a wide array of savings, retirement and educational plan options. Make a free enquiry today!

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QROPS in Brazil

In 2006, the UK government allowed pension transfers to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme. Many Brazil-based UK pensioners choose the QROPS solutions that best suit their needs. Speak with a QROPS expert for a free assessment.

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Online Broker in Brazil

We have a list of online brokers available for expats living in Brazil. Expats can choose the best deals for forex trading, Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading and more. Invest in international exchanges wherever you may be!

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US Expat Tax in Brazil

While enjoying Brazil, US expats are reminded to file US tax returns on time. There are Brazil-based experts knowledgeable on US tax returns, filing extensions and tax planning. Call an expert today!

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Tax Advisory in Brazil

Avoid tax troubles while living in Brazil as an expat. There are experienced tax specialists in the country willing to help with tax returns, claims, tax planning and others. Make a non-obligation enquiry today!

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