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Moving Services in Brazil

Citizens of the European Union and most of Latin America do not need a visa to visit Brazil as a tourist for up to 90 days. Nationals of many other countries however, including the US, Mexico and Canada, do require visas to enter. All visas require a passport that is still good for six months. 90 day tourist visas can be attained easily at a consulate with a return ticket and proof of sufficient funds, and they can be extended from within Brazil. Business and technical visas of similar duration are also available. However, all visa holders staying over 90 days must register with the police, be fingerprinted, and are required to get an id card. Those moving to Brazil with a job already awaiting them will need both a work permit and a residence visa.


The temporary residence visa requires going through many processes, and are issued mainly to foreign students and to foreigners in certain special job categories (for example, journalists, interns and welfare workers). Most are for a two year stay. Temporary Residence Visas can also be obtained for dependent family members, but they may not get work permits. Additional requirements include a clean police record and proof of funds. Those arriving from certain areas require Yellow Fever shots.

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