Driving in Bulgaria



Expats who are looking to drive in Bulgaria will find that they can use their foreign driving license for about a year before replacing it with a Bulgarian license.

Expats who are planning to ship their car to Bulgaria or purchase a car will need to be aware of the regulations that come with driving within the country. In order to drive legally in Bulgaria, an expat can have a foreign driving license for up to a year, after which it will be replaced with the Bulgarian license. For those who come from countries that do not follow the 1968 Vienna convention on road traffic, it is necessary to have their driving license translated to Bulgarian. After a year, an expat can apply for a Bulgarian license but first has to pass a driving exam. But interpreters will not be allowed during the exam, so expats do need to brush up on their basic knowledge of the local traffic language. A US driver's license may be used, but must come together with an international driving permit. 

When driving in Bulgaria, cars on the right have the right-of-way, although many times, this policy is not followed. Drivers who figure in vehicular accidents that result in injury or death can be penalized with fines or life imprisonment depending on the circumstances that led to the accident. 

Another thing expats need to remember when driving in Bulgaria is its underdeveloped road system which means driving conditions on smaller roads may not be that good. The larger roads and highways are well structured, but a new driver may have to get himself a vignette which can be obtained from petrol stations, the Executive Agency Automobile Administration and other land transportation offices. Driving with international plates is also considered a violation and will entail fees.  

Bulgarian traffic rules are very easy to follow, but should not be taken for granted as traffic enforcement agencies take the imposition of fines and other penalties very seriously.


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