Emergency Numbers in Bulgaria



Bulgaria is one of not so many countries where emergency response is fast, effective and reliable. For expats who find themselves in this country, there is not much worrying to do in any type of emergency, as there are specific response teams that are on standby and waiting to respond to their call of duty.  

For general emergencies, one can dial 112, but there are specific numbers that may be dialed depending on the type of emergency at hand. For medical cases, the number is 150; for fire, it's 160. People who want to report a fugitive or crime or those who need police assistance can call 166. To get emergency road service and assistance, call 143 or 146, or they can also dial 165 for traffic police. Expats who need to buy medicines but don't know where or how can call 178 for pharmacy information.

There have been cases where emergency situations could have resulted in the least damage possible had the people involved been ready with emergency numbers. It is important to have these emergency numbers always available on one's mobile phone and at home where the entire household can see them. Expats are advised to have their international health insurance at the ready should any emergency situations arise.

Remember that during emergencies, time is of the essence.


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