Guide to Dental Care in Bulgaria



Bulgaria has a national healthcare system which covers basic dental care. This means procedures that are considered specialized or non-preventive will be charged to the patient. However, dental costs in the country are relatively cheap compared to other EU countries.   

In fact, a lot of people come to Bulgaria because of this, not to mention the quality of dental services is high. Local dentists also offer a wide range of services, from preventive to cosmetic. Hence, expats will have a lot of options, especially when they have international health insurance in Bulgaria which boosts their financial security when seeking expensive dental treatments. 

When coming to a dentist, an expat needs to bring proof of his national insurance membership but only after he has ensured that this practitioner has an ongoing contract with the public health system. Otherwise, no public insurance benefits will be offered. In this case, private health insurance Bulgaria will go a long way, especially for expensive treatments. Yet again, it is also important to check if the clinic honors the patient's private insurance provider.   

Dental care in this country is generally accessible and high quality, but an issue might be the language barrier. As there are a good number of English-speaking medical doctors, many dentists in Bulgaria also speak the language. An expat simply has to look for online listings of these dental practitioners or inquire from his local embassy in Bulgaria.