Having a Baby in Bulgaria



The process of having a baby in Bulgaria can be a bit detailed compared to other countries but this is only to ensure maximum care for the mother and her baby.

On suspicion that one may be pregnant, a confirmation should be immediately obtained from a GP. For a low-risk pregnancy, one can may remain with her GP for prenatal care but for a high-risk case, she has to seek care from a gynecologist. 

On her first medical examination, a mother will be tested for a number of diseases, including syphilis, hepatitis B and, if she permits, HIV. She will be given two free ultrasound scans, one on the first month and the other on the third month of pregnancy. 

The financial aspect will depend on whether or not the hospital or doctor a mother chooses is enlisted with the national health insurance system which covers maternity costs, except for services which are not considered basic. For non-basic services, an expat mother's expenses can be covered by international health insurance in Bulgaria.  

Home births are not practiced in the country as there are no skilled midwives who can assist during delivery. Water births are possible in only two hospitals, one in Sofia and the other in Plovdiv and will be facilitated by obstetricians. Those who will be giving birth in a conventional setting such as in a hospital or maternity clinic will also be attended to by obstetricians. 

Women giving birth in any facility will have a choice of rooms they want to occupy, whether they are on public or private health insurance Bulgaria. Those on national insurance may have to pay extra for more comfortable accommodation.


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