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When people move abroad, one of the things at the bottom of their checklist is getting insurance. It should be important to look into it from the start for example from the negotiation of your relocation and expat package. This is an important reality as many of us actually end up self-insurance ourselves or would rather run the risk of losing income due to an illness, property damage, car accident and other unexpected incidents instead of purchasing protection. Expats in Bulgaria or relocating employees are advised to explore private insurance coverage to complement social services extended by the government. You can start by having a conversation with your HR and go through our guides.

Getting Insurance

Bulgaria extends free medical, dental and hospital treatment to UK citizens under a reciprocal healthcare agreement. Holders of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) enjoy reduced cost or free healthcare services in the country provided that they only stay in the country for 90 days or less. Whether you’re a UK or EU citizen, or not, it’s recommended that you get yourself private health insurance coverage because the healthcare sector in Bulgaria is limited.

If you have an existing life insurance policy, inquire whether your policy follows you to Bulgaria. Otherwise, you may consider purchasing a plan in your host country. If you have a mortgage, your bank will likely require you to take out life insurance. A third-party liability car insurance is mandatory if you’re a permanent resident in Bulgaria.

Importance of Insurance

Insurance protection is best described as a safety net for the financial impact of an unexpected event. When you live abroad, your rescue lines (your family and friends) are thousands of miles away. Financial assistance when you break your ankle or fall victim to burglary may take time if it comes at all if you’re not well prepared. The best way to prepare for these events is to purchase a life, health, property, car and travel insurance.

Today, insurance products are not just plain vanilla safety nets. You can add features that suit your needs and even opt for products that allow a portion of your premiums to be invested in bonds or stocks. Speak with an insurance broker or agent to know your options.

Local Insurance

Life, health, property and travel insurances are voluntary in Bulgaria. The only compulsory coverage you’d need is a third-party car insurance, but only if you’re staying in the country for good. Citizens of the UK and the EU are offered ambulatory, hospitalisation and dental treatment either for free or reduced costs. However, it’s still advisable to get an international private medical health insurance.

There is a long list of insurance products on the market – traditional and variable, individual or group, third-party liability and so on. The choices can be overwhelming especially when you start dealing with the specific features and add-ons. Dealing with insurance brokers can also be a good option to get tailor-made advice. These experts will assess your personal information, needs and budget. They’ll match the right insurance products with your profile and recommend add-ons that’ll boost your coverage.

Taking risks is a necessary ingredient in life. However, there are ways to create reliable safety nets.


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