Health Risks in Bulgaria



In Bulgaria, health risks are all in control, although it pays to take the right precautions and be financially prepared.

It is no joke to get sick in a foreign land where one may not have many friends or relatives who can be of help. By taking out international health insurance in Bulgaria, expats will have something to lean on when unexpected health problems arise.

Although not a major health issue, Hepatitis A may pose a threat to people in Bulgaria unless they try to be cautious about what they eat or drink as this disease is transmitted through infected food or water. Diarrhea is another food and waterborne disease one may be at risk for. Those who work in hospitals and clinics and are frequently handling possibly Hepatitis B-contaminated blood samples or people who may have sexual contact with the local population may also be at risk. But again, with the right knowledge about the disease, one can easily take appropriate precautions.

People who will be staying in rural areas could be at risk for rabies, especially those whose work requires them to be in close contact with animals in the wild. But with proper precautions such as getting the right vaccinations and having public or private health insurance in Bulgaria in hand, this should not be an issue.