Health Tips When Moving to Bulgaria



Although underfunded, the healthcare system in Bulgaria is holding up in terms of providing basic services and health care programs to its residents. However, some health issues do not have anything to do with what the government is able or unable to provide. A considerable chunk of these health problems just may be lifestyle-related. Expats are advised to acquire international health insurance prior to moving to Bulgaria.     

For example, expats in Bulgaria will find smoking to be a serious health concern among the locals. It is rare for one not to find at least a single person puffing a cigarette, whether in public venues such as parks and malls and even in offices. As such, Bulgarians tend to be prone to diseases caused by unhealthy habits, including hypertension, cardiovascular conditions and even obesity.  

When attending Bulgarian parties, expats should also learn how to refuse when they are offered too much alcohol. But while locals tend to lose themselves in their merrymaking, drinking uncontrollably remains unacceptable. If anything, health should be the reason for people, expats or locals, to consider cutting down on alcohol intake.

As far as diets are concerned, salt is something Bulgarians just can't seem to get enough of. In fact, salty dishes are very common and well liked in the country even with public awareness growing about excessive salt intake being a cause of a whole line of diseases such as hypertension and heart disease. When dining out, it is good for expats to request that less salt be added to the food ordered.   

There are no major health issues in Bulgaria, but expats will always do best taking a step ahead by being aware of what to expect once they land in the country.


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