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When looking for a place to rent in Bulgaria, it is good to have one's specific requirements in mind so as to make the process quicker. In the capital city of Sofia, there are many rental agencies that can facilitate rental searches for the convenience of the would-be tenant. However, there will be a required fee equal to half of the monthly rental of the chosen property. For those who want to save, communicating directly with a landlord will eliminate the need to pay any middleman.  

When renting, the initial cash outlay to be given by the tenant to the landlord will be equivalent to two months' worth of rentals and will serve as a deposit. Many landlords charge Value Added Tax but for tenants who work in VAT-registered companies, this fee may not have to be paid. This happens when the rental will be treated as a company.  

Weekly rentals in Bulgaria come at a minimum of 150 Euros but for long-term contracts, the monthly payment begins at 400 Euros. Average apartments for rent have a land area of about 150 square meters but for those looking for comfort; larger flats are the better choice. Monthly rent for a 1-bedroom apartment with an attached bathroom can cost 612 - 180лв, while monthly rent for a two bedroom apartment costs 7884.84 - 1134.24 лв. A three bedroom apartment comes with a monthly rent of 11,733.30 - 586.80 лв.

Finding a place to rent in Bulgaria is not always that easy, but for those who know what they want and come to the right people for professional advice - the process can be simple.


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