Visiting the Doctor in Bulgaria



Finding a doctor in Bulgaria will not be much work, especially in the central areas where many public and private clinics and hospitals can be found.

Expats in Bulgaria can choose a GP (General Practitioner) of their choice who will refer them to a specialist when necessary. Although public insurance is available for all residents, a small non-refundable consultation fee will be charged by all doctors. Public insurance in Bulgaria entitles a resident to free treatment from a GP and medicines at reduced prices.   

Sometimes, when public coverage is not enough, expats may have to shell out money to pay for medical costs. This is why it's also important to take out international healthcare insurance in Bulgaria for financial security. Emergency care, however, will be given for free for all who need it, regardless of nationality or travel status. 

One thing expats may have difficulty with when seeking medical help is the language barrier. Although there are English-speaking doctors in Bulgaria, most are likely to be found in central areas. An expat can look up these doctors in online listings or contact his embassy for information. Another thing expats should consider is taking out private insurance.   

And although the country has a state-funded insurance system, public healthcare may not be as good as what a private hospital in Bulgaria can offer.  

After a visit, a patient is either given a receipt or prescription. Getting a receipt means the patient will be able to buy medication for free or at a discounted rate which a prescription means the full cost will have to be paid.  

A visit to the doctor in Bulgaria will not cost much and this is one of the things expats in the country appreciate. The country's healthcare system is still undergoing reform but, as it is, expats have so far reported satisfaction.