Single Trip Travel Insurance in Bulgaria

Getting a single trip travel insurance to Bulgaria provides security to tourists in different aspects of their trip, from emergency health issues to baggage loss and more. Bulgaria had a total of 8.9 million tourists in 2008, most of which came from Romania, Greece and Turkey – accounting for 40% of the country’s visitors.


Backing on years and years of experience and expertise in the insurance industry, IMG’s travel insurance packages stand out with similar luster as their other insurance products. This is why expats in Bulgaria and in other countries who avail of their services are guaranteed that they not only get standard coverage. They get protection and security from one of the best in the world.

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MultiNational Underwriters is a top insurance provider dedicated for expats and travelers. It understands the needs of its expats in Bulgaria and in other parts of the globe, and provides insurance solutions perfectly suited to their unique needs. Aside from travel insurance, MultiNational Underwirtes also provides medical, international, expat health insurance and a slew of other specialized insurance packages.

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