International School Advisory in Cambodia

Expat children are free to choose from a wide array of international schools in Cambodia. Aside from education consulting firms, expats may inquire through their governments on recommended international schools. Americans in Cambodia may seek the guidance of the US Office for Overseas Schools for quality educational opportunities.

Moving abroad requires a long and tedious preparation. Providing assistance in terms of school placement services in Cambodia is School Choice International. SCI's Global Education Explorer 2.0 TM is a particularly useful tool that helps families pick the right schools by comparing school curriculums, costs, and other essential information through automated functions.

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It is exciting to live the expatriate life, but when kids are in the picture, it becomes a big responsibility. This is all the more true when school-related arrangements have to be made. Providing personal and direct advice on school placement for expat children in Cambodia is the Good Schools Guide International, an advisory service provided by expats themselves, educators and parents who base their recommendations on personal experiences with the local educational environment.

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