Activities for Kids in Cambodia



Cambodia may not be the perfect country in the eyes of adults but for kids, it can be an adventure land.

According to children, the Hindu temple complex of Angkor Wat is best viewed in miniature form because it allows people to see more of it in less time. This art form, made of sandstone and carvings, can be fabulous in the eyes of all. Children who enjoy the outdoors can enjoy go-carting on the whole 10-kilometer stretch of the Kambol track or dirt-biking on some of the country's world-famous off-road trails, especially in Phnom Penh.  

Kids who like it calm and quiet can explore the Tonle Sap Lake and Exhibition where they can marvel at the colorful ecosystem that provides life for birds and other wild animals. Another good thing for children of expats is the availability of international schools in Cambodia where they can get a world-class education.

Some of these global institutions include the Logos International School, International School of Siem Reap and Hope International School, among many others. The schools follow an American, British or IGCSE and are well-suited to the personal challenges that expat children have to face while coping with a new life abroad.

Indeed, kids in Cambodia can have their dose of fun and can be educated in an independent school in Cambodia, which puts them in step with other children their age in other countries. Although the country is still undergoing massive rebuilding as a nation in many aspects, children are usually well-provided for in terms of recreational and educational opportunities.



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