Allergies in Cambodia



In Cambodia, expats may experience allergic reactions to some things that are unique to the country. However, as long as precautions are made, and private health insurance in Cambodia is available, nobody should have trouble managing these allergies.

There is a certain eggplant grown in this country that is known to cause skin or mouth itching after touching or eating it. Sometimes, eggplant flower pollen can also cause people to develop allergic reactions similar to hay fever. It is because eggplants, in general, are high in histamines. To avoid allergies, it is good to cook this vegetable thoroughly, although this can greatly affect its taste. Expats who are allergic to seafood should also be cautious when eating out. A lot of non-seafood dishes in Cambodia can be cooked with seafood as base. Other allergies in Cambodia are brought about by insect bites and stings.

To manage these allergies, expats will do well keeping a stock of antihistamines for each of the reactions. Different antihistamines go with different allergic reactions. However, it is best to discuss this with a travel medicine specialist before leaving. Of course, international health insurance in Cambodia will offer reliable help if allergies necessitate serious medical treatment, although this can be rare as most reactions are manageable with oral, nasal or topical antihistamine products.