Buying Properties in Cambodia‚Ä®



Foreigners are not allowed 100% stake in real estate property in Cambodia. Fortunately, there are ways and means for foreigners to have full control of the purchase, sale, and use of properties that they invest on and thus benefit from the profits.

A foreigner may opt to form a company with a Cambodian citizen and own, at most, 49% of the company. Any real property purchased for investment will be registered under the company's name. Proper documentation and agreement may allow the foreigner full control of these said properties.

Another option is for a foreigner to purchase property and have it registered under the name of a Cambodian citizen who will lease the property to the foreigner for a long-term period, which may last up to 99 years. The terms and conditions and lease agreements are critical areas in this type of transaction. The foreigner may sell the property at any time, but the signature or thumbprint of the Cambodian citizen is needed.

Marrying a Cambodian national is another way for a foreigner to own property in Cambodia. The property will be registered under the name of the Cambodian national. If the foreigner eventually becomes a Cambodian citizen, the property can be registered under the name of both parties. However, selling of the land or property will require mutual agreement.


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