Driving in Cambodia‚Ä®



An International Driving Permit or Driver's License is not sufficient to be able to drive in Cambodia. One must secure a Cambodian Driver's License from any of the driving schools in the country. This license costs USD 40 - 50 to acquire. Some schools will require a driving test while others need only the valid license from one's home country. Processing of this driver's license takes about a month.

Driving in Cambodia is on the right-hand side of the road, on which a number of different types of vehicles like large cargo trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, auto rickshaws (known as tuktuks), cars, and a few ox-pulled carts share. Noticeable is the lack of traffic signs and functioning traffic lights. Luckily, speed driving is not a main problem in the country as it is not a common practice, at least by local drivers. When driving at night, extra care is needed as many cars and bicycles travel outside the city with no lights. Blowing of horns is constant in the streets and will take a little getting used to for foreign drivers. During the rainy season watch out for some roads that may get flooded, and hidden potholes in the streets.

Road accidents or conflicts are usually settled between the concerned drivers when no one is seriously injured. For more serious road accidents, the intermediation of the police is sought.


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