Emergency Numbers in Cambodia



Expats will find great use of emergency numbers in Cambodia, especially when they have moved alone or with few friends or family to help out during unexpected incidents.

For police, one can call 117 or 011 30 30 30 while for firefighters, the numbers to dial can be 188 or 023 722 555. For medical emergencies, an ambulance can be called to provide immediate assistance either by dialing 119 or 023 724 891. Traffic incidents can be reported to the traffic police at 023 722 967 while police military can be contacted through the numbers 012 520 to 012 529.

In Cambodia, security services are available 24 hours from MPA Security Service at 023 210 836, Protek - Cambodia Security at 012 919 903, SecurityK at 012 822 281 and VIP Security Service at 012 817 222.

As a foreigner in Cambodia, it is essential to know which numbers to call in case emergency situations occur. It is especially true for those who have just moved to the country. It is also good to build friendships with locals who can help any foreigner out with the basic services available in the country. But for situations when no one is around to help, keeping a record of these emergency numbers can be helpful, if not lifesaving.


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