Guide to Dental Care in Cambodia



Among Cambodia's health services that don't have a very good reputation both locally and abroad, dentistry is an exception. The country has certainly come a long way in terms of the quality of dental services and is now even touted as the next big destination in Asia in terms of dental tourism.

While expats in Cambodia would seek medical care abroad, they often don't bother to leave for dental work because it's available locally, thanks to a new breed of world-class dentists and state-of-the-art equipment. For expats, getting a dental job locally will be a time to use and enjoy the benefits of their international health insurance in Cambodia.

An expat finding a dentist in this country may experience just a little difficulty, however. Referrals are almost impossible from residents who, most often, do not even use dental services. The best way is to ask other expats or find online listings of local dentists, particularly those who speak English. Better yet, one can call his embassy and ask for a list of English practitioners in the country.

Dentists in Cambodia can now perform procedures such as tooth bleaching, installation of dental bridges, root canals and all other dental services except major surgery. Expats who are members of the social health system can even avail of free services for basic procedures. However, complicated ones may need additional coverage of private health insurance in Cambodia.



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