Having a Baby in Cambodia



Although Cambodia is currently undergoing massive improvements in its various sectors, healthcare is still not something expats may be very safe getting in this country. Both public and private health insurance in Cambodia may be available, but they will probably not have much use, as most foreigners would opt to seek medical care elsewhere. In terms of giving birth locally, statistics proves that problems may not be well-handled within the Cambodian healthcare system as it is. For example, mortality rates are high, both for babies and their mothers.

It is for this reason that expat women will always find giving birth in another Asian location such as Singapore and Thailand to be a wise if not lifesaving, decision. Still, most local women prefer to give birth outside health facilities that may even be underequipped. The reasons for this are unknown, but studies show Cambodian women are uneducated about the risks they face when giving birth without a trained professional.

When seeking prenatal care, expat women can visit a Cambodian doctor as there are a number of them in the country, with most being foreign-trained and English-speaking. However, for high-risk cases, evacuation to another country may be needed in order to conduct scans or tests that are unavailable in Cambodia.

There are currently efforts to improve the maternity situation in this country such as advocacies for better maternal and infant health. Groups behind these campaigns are focusing on making pregnancy and childbirth a much less dangerous undertaking in Cambodia.

It is done by emphasizing the importance of precautionary measures against preventable maternal and infant deaths. While public and international health insurance in Cambodia are both available for expat women to use during routine prenatal visits to the doctor, all  generally prefer to be taken out of the country when it's time to give birth.


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