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Expats bound for this Asian destination may purchase life, health and non-life insurance upon their arrival or secure international private insurance products before their flight. It is important to define well your needs, talking to your fellow colleagues at your office in Cambodia, or if you are self-employed, within some networks such as the chambers of commerce, can help you get the right advice and idea on what protection level you would need. Cambodia has a young insurance industry. In 2012, life insurance was introduced in the country, followed by non-life insurance. The Insurance Association of Cambodia, composed of three general insurers and a national insurer, was established in 2013.

Getting Insurance

Cambodia is an emerging expat destination. This nation of 15 million people faced political upheavals in recent decades, resulting to pervasive corruption and widespread poverty. However, times are changing. The World Bank recently reported that the Cambodian economy has expanded at an impressive rate, even beating many developed nations.

The Cambodian insurance industry is young, but like its economic prospects, it has a lot of potential. Expats are strongly advised to secure a life, medical, property, car and travel insurance either before or after arriving in Cambodia. Most employers include comprehensive health insurance coverage in their expat compensation package. Otherwise, you’d need to speak with an insurance broker to help you out or go directly to our panel of insurance partners.

Importance of Insurance

Regardless of your destination, insurance products are necessities of life. A developing country like Cambodia has limited healthcare resources, though growth had been evident in recent years. Social services are dedicated to Cambodians especially those living in mountainous provinces where healthcare is scarce. As an expat, it’s your personal obligation to ensure that you’re adequately covered for any unexpected event during your stay abroad.

An insurance product, such as a car insurance, primarily serves as an umbrella that will shield you from financial turmoil due to an accident, illness, burglary and property damage. For an affordable premium payment, you can sleep well at night knowing that your savings are safe in case you suddenly contract a disease abroad. Today, many insurance companies offer hybrid products that have investment features, retirement plan options and more.

Local Insurance in Cambodia

Today, the life insurance industry in Cambodia is dominated by four players: Cambodian Life Insurance, Manulife, Prudential and Sovannaphum Life. Cambodia Re, established by the government, reinsures all types of risks including life and non-life insurance. The non-life insurance industry is composed of CAMINCO, Asia Insurance and Infinity Insurance among others. Forte Insurance and Lonpac Insurance BHD are also major players in the country.

If you’re staying in Cambodia as an expat, it’s highly recommended that you secure international private insurance that will provide life, health, property, car and travel coverage. While there’s an expanding menu of products in the country, getting an international insurance plan is still more practical for expats-on-the-go. An international private medical plan, for an example, can give your coverage in a number of destinations worldwide.

Stop shooting in the dark. Understand the concept of insurance and explore your options with the help of insurance brokers such as Pacific Prime. It’ll also help if you can do your own research via free materials online. Get yourself insured because there’s nothing like having peace of mind wherever in the world you may be.


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