Health Tips in Cambodia‚Ä®



It is unsafe to drink tap water in Cambodia, and even the locals do not drink this. Some use bottled water even when brushing teeth. Bottled water is available everywhere in the country. Ice is produced from bottled water, so it is safe to consume in restaurants. The hot weather in Cambodia may cause some food to spoil easily so one must be very careful when buying meat, seafood, and other food products that need refrigeration and when dining in buffet style.

A lot of restaurants in Cambodia are set outdoors, and this poses the risk of mosquito bites. Mosquito coils are usually lit underneath the tables, but it is safe to always have one handy in case none is provided by the restaurant. Mosquito nets are also commonly used in Cambodia, and it is a must especially for travels to the rural or remote areas. These can be bought from any market in the cities. Mosquito repellants are must-haves and must be put on regularly.

Medical treatment and healthcare are inexpensive in Cambodia. The best hospitals and doctors can be found in the major cities like Phnom Pehn and Siem Reap. There are a number of international dental clinics, which are world class, but relatively inexpensive compared to international clinics in other countries and a number of clinics, which are smaller and simpler.