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When looking for accommodation to rent in Cambodia, one must personally meet the landlord and do a background check to ensure his trustworthiness and credibility. It is ideal to see the title of the property and make sure that the landlord is indeed the owner.

Inspection of the place is best done with the landlord present in order to avoid disputes and conflicts regarding the general condition of the place and different amenities, furniture, and inventory present. Everything must be documented in the contract. A lessee must meticulously scrutinize the final contract before signing lest there may have been changes done from what was originally agreed upon. There are very few restrictions by the Cambodian law on terms of contract so the tenant and the landlord have much freedom to put conditions in that piece of agreement.

Rent may be for as short as one month, as long as one year, or for any other fixed period that may be agreed upon by the tenant and the landlord. An advance payment and security deposit are usually required. These must be clearly stated in the contract and the lessee can demand for the full interest earning on the deposit, net of deductions.

Looking for the perfect place to rent may be done by searching on the classified section of local and national newspapers, online listings, or one can go around the city and look for the "For Rent" signs. Real estate agents are also available.


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