Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Cambodia

People who visit Cambodia multiple times a year may find travel insurance multi-trip cost-efficient and convenient. Foreign arrivals contributed about $1.4 billion in 2007, which accounted for 10% of the Cambodia’s economy. Aside from tourists, the Southeast Asian nation also welcomes foreign investors primarily from the US, Europe, China, Japan and South Korea.


Expats in Cambodia and beyond appreciate International Medical Group's flexibility in providing multi-trip travel insurance. To reduce costly conversion fees and speed up the arrival of funds, the company provides clients a number of options, such as internal conversion services and claim reimbursements through e-transfers, direct deposit, as well as check.

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Planning for an international trip is essential to its success, particularly for regular travelers in Cambodia and anywhere in the world. Of course, multi-trip travel insurance offered by MultiNational Underwriters' Atlas Professional is a smart investment because it protects the traveler with each and every trip made within the Certificate Period of twelve months, and within a thirty-day limit per departure.

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