Tax Advisory in Cambodia

Non-residents in Cambodia are subject to a 20% monthly tax deduction from all Cambodian sources. When an expat leaves the country, his employer is required to withhold the tax before the salary is paid. Income tax returns in Cambodia are due by the 15 of the following month.

Contrary to what many expats believe, it is not always necessary to pay taxes to two governments once they have moved. There are tax treaties between nations for the purpose of sparing expats the burden of double taxation. Providing tax assistance services in Cambodia is UK’s Andrew Baker, a tax specialist working in the industry for 35 years now.

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Tax Advisory Expatriates is a global consulting firm that provides outstanding tax advisory services to expats in Cambodia and in other countries. It addresses all questions on tax returns, tax planning, and tax management. These services, coupled with excellent and reliable delivery, are sure to make the lives of the expats easy and worry-free.

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