Activities for Kids in Canada



Canada is one of the best places to raise children, especially those with families inclined towards outdoor activities.

The country boasts of several clean and safe parks where kids can do a multitude of outdoor activities. In Vancouver, Stanley Park is a kid-friendly venue where one can go biking, rollerblading, jogging, play golf, visit the Vancouver Aquarium, go horse riding or take a 15-minute train ride to visit a farm.

Sports activities

Trekking, canoeing, rafting and skiing are just a few of the many exciting weekend activities for the whole family.

In the city of Toronto, kid-friendly places include museums, galleries and amusement parks.

Summer in Canada is the best season for children to explore. Kids can go to summer camps, go fishing and enjoy bird watching. Canada is not only teeming with job opportunities and excellent educational system that offers a number of international and independent schools, but also with great outdoor activities for children, making the move more rewarding for both parents and children.

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