Health and Protection in Ottawa



Ottawa has a very efficient public health and social service system that most people rely on in times of need, and while their public services are of the highest quality, there are still some things that it cannot cover, such as property, car, and other kinds of general insurance that you would need in the city. The public services also cannot give you coverage outside the country, which is why most expats in the city prefer to have international private insurance plans. Explore all your options for the insurance and protection of your family while living in Ottawa. 

Getting Insurance 

The public and private insurance industry in Ottawa is in great shape, giving expats several choices when it comes to health and protection services. The public sector is very accessible to residents, but foreign employees and their families would have to show that they are eligible for permanent residency before they can gain access to public health and social services. Most expats in the city prefer getting an international insurance plans with a family coverage arranged in their expat contracts, simply for the convenience of international coverage, should they need to move again, as well as the additional services and benefits specific to expats that international plans offer such as repatriation and medical evacuation.

Some of the most prominent international companies that offer services in Ottawa are Aviva Canada which offers regional, local, and international coverage, and Allianz

Importance of Insurance 

Most people get too complaisant when it comes to moving to a relatively safe place like Ottawa, and risk going unprotected by not signing up for any insurance policy. As safe as the country and city may be, it doesn’t give you a free pass on accidents and emergencies, something that we all experience once in a while no matter how safe or careful we try to be. Getting insurance will give you a safety net for when situations like this happen, so you won’t get caught off guard and lose a lot of money or even go into debt for the cost of your emergency. Aside from the safety net that insurance plans give you, most plans also offer additional services and benefits that can save you a lot of money, such as regular check-ups, dental care, and even roadside assistance. Explore all the services that insurance policies provide and see how it can work for you while living abroad. 

Local Insurance in Ottawa 

Canada’s extensive insurance industry offers expats and local residents several options for coverage. Some of the most renowned international insurance companies are Canadian companies which means that their plans can be offered with local, international, or regional coverage. You simply have to be clear with the type of coverage you need when you sign up for the plan. Life and general insurance giants, ManuLife and Sun Life Financial are the biggest insurance companies in the country.

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