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Canada has recently ranked 8th among the safest and most peaceful countries in the world according to the Institute for Economics and Peace, but that doesn’t mean you should live your life unprotected. Getting health and protection services for you and your family will not be hard in Canada.

Aside from the very efficient public health service, there are several ways to get coverage for all kinds of emergencies and treatments. Learn more about how you can protect yourself and your family when it comes to health, and other general insurance needs.

"Canadian healthcare is some of the best in the world. Once you are a permanent resident and eligible for provincial health insurance, you’ll want to find a family doctor as soon as possible as they are your gateway to all care. In the interim, there are walk-in clinics in every city."- J Hammack, Expat in Toronto, Canada

Canada’s safe environment is ideal for any family and individual, it is important to remember, however, that it is still necessary to have an insurance coverage for things that we cannot control. There are some things you should consider when you’re re-thinking the value of insurance. First is that insurance plans not only protect your property, it also protects your money. Most people think that saving up for emergencies will be enough to protect your assets when things go wrong, but the costs for emergencies, especially for medical costs, are always underestimated, and it can lead to a great financial loss. Avoid the risk of spending more than what you need to for the most important things in life.

Getting Insurance

Canada has a large insurance industry, and all the major international insurance companies provide services in the country, so getting insurance coverage is not very difficult.

The first thing you will need to do is to understand what protection your hiring employer or existing company will provide you for your stay in Canada. You will then be able to draw a map of your needs.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada regulates insurance services in the country. Before you sign up for any insurance, make sure they are registered members of the Insurance Bureau. You may also check out local insurance policies on obligatory insurance and optional insurance as residents of Canada.

Before getting in the buying process, compare with what your company’s benefits package is offering, it is also often a good conversation to have with your Human Resources manager or destination service provider.

There are several insurance brokers, providers, and agents in the country, so finding the right insurance policy depends on your own personal preference and the recommendation your can get from colleagues and friends. The Insurance Brokers Association of Canada offers information about both local and international insurance options for expats in Canada. International insurance companies also have a big presence in the country. Two of the largest international life insurance companies, Sun Life Financial and Manulife, are based in Canada, while Aviva Canada and Aetna Canada also have a large influence in the insurance industry for health and general insurance in the country.


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Local Insurance 

Canada’s local insurance industry is top notch. The country has public access to social security services as well as healthcare services. However, most citizens still choose private insurance for additional benefits and services. Expats under a temporary residence in the country are not eligible for any public care, but you may get employment insurance coverage as a part of your expat package from your company.

"I’m grateful for the single-payer healthcare system where most of my needs are covered by OHIP, the provincial insurance plan. For instance, I didn’t pay a cent out of pocket for pre- and post-natal care when I had my son. Generally speaking, I trust the system and the quality of care are good."- Juliette Giannesini , Expat in Ottawa, Canada

There are several local insurance companies with multinational influence, and there are several international insurance companies with local headquarters in Canada. Companies such as Allstate and Manulife’s Coverme offer good quality local general insurance plans, however, international insurance plans are still the best option for expats, as international policies can give you a wider coverage around the world as well as several expat-specific services such as repatriation and medical evacuation.


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